Sales support for Whitenergy products in your Internet shop
We present you with our innovative replacement part search engine, Finder, for use in your Internet shop.

The advantages for your customers

  • A quick and easy way to find batteries and power supplies for laptops and digital cameras directly through your Internet shop page
  • A reliable way to search that reduces the possibility of mistakenly purchasing the wrong item
  • Direct navigation from the product in the search result to the corresponding page in your shop
  • Greater certainty by the client of making the right purchase
  • A full base of information about the product searched for without leaving the Internet shop

The advantages for you when you install Finder

  • Fewer questions for your shop personnel
  • Reduction in the time necessary for processing of orders
  • Elimination of incorrect purchases for your customer and fewer returns
  • Keeps your customers on your shop page
  • Access to statistical tools that track what products were searched for by your customers
  • Possibility of changing the Finder options in your settings menu
  • Product database is always up to date, as well as database of compatible products

What conditions must be met to receive the Finder search engine

  • You qualify if you have an Internet shop in which you offer Whitenergy brand products that include laptop or digital camera power supply products, or both.

Manage configurator and store data

for registered users.