Finder Application Regulations

I Initial provisions

  1. This set of Regulations describes the conditions for downloading and use of the free Internet application Finder.
  2. For the purposes of these Regulations, the terms below will have the following definitions:
    1. Finder – refers to the search engine for Whitenergy laptop battery and chargers and power supplies and Whitenergy camera batteries and power supplies.
    2. Personal data – means personal details in the understanding of the laws on the Protection of Personal Details, especially the law dated 29 August 1997 on the Protection of Personal Details (Journal of Laws of 2002, No. 101, item 926, with amendments)
    3. Login – means the identification code for the Internet shop used in the process of registration, configuration, and updating of the Finder data
    4. Partner – means a person who carried out the registration allowing for the download and configuration of the Finder on the shop page
    5. Operator – means the company Enan S.A., ul. Graniczna 73, 62-081 in Baranowo.


II  Application registration

  1. In order to download and use the Finder application, register the Internet shop on the web at
  2. In order to register the shop, the following information must be filled in:
    1. name of the proprietor, first name and surname, country, city, postal code and telephone number
    2. enter your Login (email address) and unique password, which will allow you to manage the application
    3. define shop type.
  3. All information fields are required.
  4. Registration is conditional upon the acceptance of the Regulations.
  5. After completion of the information, the Partner will receive a registration confirmation by email.
  6. The registration constitutes confirmation of agreement for the processing and use of the Personal Details contained therein for administrative and marketing purposes, in accordance with the laws on protection of personal details.
  7. The Operator has the right to send administrative information related to the function and use of the Finder application to the address given by the Partner, as well as offers from Whitenergy.
  8. By installing the Finder application, the Partner consents to the display of Whitenergy products, which constitute an integral part of the application.

 III Configuring Finder

  1. In order to configure the version of Finder for the Internet shop, go to the Configure Finder module.
  2. Finder is available in 5 language versions – GB,GER, PL, CZ, SK.
  3. The first stage of the configuration is the selection of the language.
  4. The second stage is the definition of the type of Finder:
    1. batteries and power supplies for laptops and batteries and chargers for cameras
    2. batteries and power supplies for laptops
    3. batteries for laptops
    4. power supplies for laptops
    5. batteries and chargers for cameras
    6. batteries for cameras
    7. chargers for cameras.
  5. The Partner has the possibility of configuring any number of Finder search engines on his or her own Internet site.
  6. In the aim of identification of the Finder on the Internet site, banners are available in two sizes, appropriate for the selected version of Finder.
  7. It is possible to configure one’s own identifying banner for the Finder.
    1. In the configuration of an individual banner, it is mandatory to include the Whitenergy logo, which can be downloaded from the web site indicated during the registration process. The Logotype should be in accordance with the current Whitenergy graphic logo.
  8. After completion of the configuration the code for inclusion on the web site should be downloaded.
  9. The Partner has the option of updating and modifying the Finder after logging into the site

 IV Additional provisions 

  1. The Partner is required to act in accordance with the Regulations In the case of a violation of the Regulations, the use of the Finder in a manner inconsistent with its intended purpose, or violation of the applicable laws, the Operator has the right to block the function of the Finder on the site of the Internet shop and to prevent  future re-registration.
  2. The Operator retains the right to monitor the manner in which the Partner uses the Finder.
  3. The Finder application is offered free of charge.
  4. The Operator retains the right to modification of the application at any time
  5. The Operator is not responsible for any damage that should occur to the Partner or the Internet shop in relation to the use of the Finder
  6. The Finder application is the property of the Enan S.A. company, which retains the copyrights to all of its components. Copying of its technology in any form is prohibited. Any attempts to copy will be reported to the appropriate identification authorities.

Manage configurator and store data

for registered users.